Coin Cleaning

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How to Clean Bullion Silver Coins.

If you collect silver coins for their bullion value instead of their numismatic value or if they have no numismatic value, you may want to bring the shine back to your coins. This little ebook will show you how to do it.

A Couple of Warnings.

Firstly, never clean valuable numismatic coins. Cleaning this type of coin may substantially reduce its value. Secondly, never use harsh cleaners like “Tarn Off” or other jewellery cleaners. Sure they will make your coins shiny but they do this by eating into the silver and what’s worse, within a few months, the coins will begin to turn yellow.

Required Ingredients.

  1. A bottle of cloudy ammonia
  2. A packet of Bi-Carb soda (also known as baking soda)
  3. A pair of rubber gloves
  4. An old bowl that won’t be ever used with food.
  5. An old plate or small tub (an old ice-cream container is perfect)
    The above ingredients can be purchased for just a few dollars at your local supermarket.


Pour enough cloudy ammonia into your bowl so that the coin / coins you are going to clean are totally covered.

Place the coins into the bowl. Leave the coins submerged in the cloudy ammonia for at least four hours. This step is important and some patience is required. The cloudy ammonia will break down the dirt and grime on the surface of the coin without eating into the silver.

After four hours, remove the coins (wearing rubber gloves) and rinse them under cold water to remove any remaining cloudy ammonia.

Pour some Bi-Carb soda into your tub. Place the wet coin into the Bi-Carb soda so there is plenty of Bi-Carb soda covering the whole coin. Under running water, gently rub the Bi-Carb soda into the coin. The fine powder will remove the loosened dirt and grime from the coin without scratching the coin. This is really effective and it’s amazing how it gets into the fine details of the coin and removes nearly everything.

Rice the coin and repeat the above process if you have missed a spot.

Leave coin to dry.

That’s it. You will be amazed how good your coin looks and better than that, it’s a natural coin look, not a cleaned coin look!

Tip: For extra dirty coins, let them soak in the cloudy ammonia over night. I recommend leaving the bowl outside so fumes don’t build up.